Good Good, Mexican Grill (Tongzilin)

    Good Good Mexican Grill is the answer to a question they’ve been plagued with for a long time……Why is it so rare to find establishments in China that offer good yet affordable foreign food?What started as some experimentation, went from a cool-as-hell three-wheeler, to a 6 months pop-up store outside Read more [...]



    Gymglory 集加健身Adress: South People Road( South Renmin Road) Section4. No.48 shangshan international building. Second building 4th floor 四川省成都市武侯区人民南路四段48号,上善国际2栋4楼 


    Chengdu AIER East Eye Hospital

    Chengdu AIER East Eye Hospital 成都东区爱尔眼科医院Dr. Hu Jianbin, the President of  AIER East leads a professional team of 22 doctors,17 technicians and 42 nurses and provides their patients with specialized eye medical servicesDr.Hu Jianbin had years of post doctoral research and working experience at Jogn A. Moran Eye Center, University of Read more [...]

  • Dr. Emma Physiotherapy Center

    Dr. Emma Physiotherapy Center is the international outpatient service of Care Alliance Rehabilitation Hospital of Chengdu. Dr. Emma is MPT (master of physiotherapy) of HongKong Polytechnic  University and she is also a rehabilitation doctor.She providing professional personalized rehabilitation services for high-end customers and expatriates based on updated international concept and Read more [...]

  • My Dream Plus, Co-Working

    My Dream Plus, Co-Working Space 梦想加智能共享办公-成都IFS空间MyDreamPlus offers the ideal working environment for startups, freelancers, small, medium companies and big companies branches. Providing great office spaces, great interior design, open spaces and smart systems. These spaces are met to make you feel at home, allowing you to make new friends, potential Read more [...]

  • Walnut Co-Working (Shimao)

    4 Jianshebei Road, Walnut Co-Working (Shimao) 世茂店地址:成都市成华区猛追湾横街99号(近建设北路一段)世茂大厦7F-8F Walnut联合办公电话:028-69864965Other WALNUTs in Chengdu:Walnut Co-Working Jinniu 1: 42 Shuxi Road, Jinniu, Walnut A1, A2成都市金牛区蜀西路42号A1,A2,WALNUT联合办公Walnut Co-Working Longfor: 25-603, Longfor Time Tianjie成都市高新西区龙湖时代天街25栋603

  • Walnut Co-Working (Longfor)

    Walnut 1: 25-603, Longfor Time Tianjie成都市高新西区龙湖时代天街25栋603Other WALNUT in Chengdu:Walnut 2: Address 1: 42 Shuxi Road, Jinniu, Walnut A1, A2成都市金牛区蜀西路42号A1,A2,WALNUT联合办公 Walnut 3: 4 Jianshebei Road, Walnut Co-Working (Shimao) 茂店地址:成都市成华区猛追湾横街99号(近建设北路一段)世茂大厦7F-8F Walnut联合办公电话:028-69864965

  • Regus Serviced Office (Yanlord)

    Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces, with products and services ranging from fully equipped offices to professional meeting rooms and business lounges. Regus enables people to work their way, whether it’s from home, on the road or from an office. For more information please visit: www.Regus.com.Regus Serviced Read more [...]

  • Doctor Leo Clinic

    Doctor Leo-Clinic 里奥诊所电话/Tel: 028-86945548, 028-86945546http://www.leo-clinic.com/Email: [email protected]: No.7, Unit 1, Building 2, No. 49 Tong Ying Street, Jinjiang District锦江区通盈街49号吉宝凌云峰阁2栋1单元7号商铺

  • Atlas Gin

    Atlas GinA Cocktails Bar with a large selection of Gin  (classified into classic , advanced and superirors).Time: 7:30pm – 1pm (2pm weekend)Address: 成都市锦江区天仙桥滨河路3号附3号     


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