Dongbei, Yunnan, Tibetan, Xinjiang and way more cuisines; check out a wide variety of Chinese flavors.

  • Yu Zhi Lan 玉芝兰

    Small things really do come in good small packages at Yu Zhi Lan, with only 18 seats, to serve showcase the fine ingredients they use with their traditional Sichuan technique. Chef Lan Guijun is known for his minimalist but masterful interpretations of Sichuan food, each details of the restaurant and Read more [...]

  • Tian Tian Fan Dian 天添饭店

    This Yulin spot is popular with both locals and visitors to Chengdu. It serves all the Chengdu classics and was one of the places Anthony Bourdain visited on his recent visit to Chengdu.   Our food writer Jordan Porter from Chengdu Food Tours gives us his opinion on the place: Read more [...]

  • Dan Dan Tian Shui Mian

    This Tian Shui Mian and Dan Dan Mian restaurant serves a number of small portions of local snacks and delicacies as well as cold chuan chuan. Anthony Bourdain visited this chain during his 2016 show for CNN Parts Unknown, and our food correspondent Jordan Porter lets us know here what Read more [...]

  • A’Re Vegetarian Restaurant

    A’Re Vegetarian Restaurant A’ Re Tibetan restaurant founded by A’ Re (pronounced Ah-Rer) was born in a very alluring and remote Tibetan valley, Danba. Danba is a beautiful Tibetan gem hidden in the Gyarong valley of Sichuan. She opened her first Tibetan restaurant in Chengdu in 2000, now she has four restaurants Read more [...]

  • A’Re Flagship Restaurant and Café

    A’Re Flagship Restaurant and Café     A’ Re Tibetan restaurant founded by A’ Re (pronounced Ah-Rer) was born in a very alluring and remote Tibetan valley, Danba. Danba is a beautiful Tibetan gem hidden in the Gyarong valley of Sichuan. She opened her first Tibetan restaurant in Chengdu in 2000, Read more [...]

  • Longjiang Pig foot

    Longjiang Pig foot Huaxing East is one of the town’s best local food streets and it is easy to get distracted among all the choices. We first noticed this spot from the smell, a sweet soy sauce and meaty fragrance that caught up with us from about half a block Read more [...]

  • Taiwan Bear Paw

    Taiwan Bear Paw 熊手包 We recently went tocheck out a smaller food plaza just between the Song Tang food street and Wangfujin, a very touristy area of town. The spot was very quiet on the weekend despite having an interesting mix of eateries, from local barbecued rabbit and Leshan soft Read more [...]

  • Jade Garden by Maxim

    Jade Garden by Maxim Cantonese restaurants are not lacking in Chengdu, but big name Hong Kong restaurants serving up classic Cantonese food are much rarer. We dropped into Maxim’s for lunch because we wanted dim sum (main menu only after 5:30) and ordered a signature dish of shrimp in egg Read more [...]

  • Taoyuan Village

    Taoyuan Village 桃园眷村 双庆路万年城北庭 1F103 9am-10pm We dropped into this hot new spot in the Wannianxiang shopping centre, which serves up Taiwanese style breakfast and snacks. The breakfast offerings are soymilk and youtiao, sandwiches described as shao bing, and rice wraps. Our main reason for making the trek across town Read more [...]

  • Grandpa Wang’s Barbecue

    Grandpa Wang’s Barbecue 王大爷烧烤, 肖家河店 肖家河兴蓉街 31号 6 pm-1:30 am 85105249 Grandpa Wang’s is a legendary barbecue restaurant in northwest Chengdu that spawned itself into a chain a couple of years back. We always meant to visit the original, but since good barbecue is found in almost every neighbourhood in Read more [...]

  • Spice Bazaar Xinjiang Cuisine

    Spice Bazaar Xinjiang Cuisine香料集市新疆餐厅 Simple and tasteful Uyghur dishes in a space with a “Modern Asian” design aesthetic. “Silk road” style arts and crafts from Kashgar, like carpets and copperware, are on display around the restaurant. The menu is comprised of several Xinjiang standards like da pan ji, rice pilaf Read more [...]

  • Yu Tian Restaurant

    雨田Yu Tian 华兴东街9号 028-86781582 10am-9:30pm   Fly restaurants are usually modest neighbourhood or working lunch places, but a very good one has the power to transcend its area and become a destination in its own right. Of these, Ming Ting is probably the biggest draw in town, but there are Read more [...]

  • Yan Cheng Family Restaurant

    盐城人家川菜馆 云影路2号附15号(置信对面) 028-87011478 9am-10pm   We scoped out a popular spot in this neighbourhood of people who obviously love to eat out and ended up in a restaurant called Yan Cheng Ren Jia. Most local restaurants with yan, or salt, in their names are serving one of Sichuan’s most distinctive Read more [...]

  • Sun Kee

    Sun Kee 香港新记茶餐厅 Large menu with all the basics and a few dim sum. We find ourselves timing trips downtown so that we can stop in for their excellent value afternoon tea – fried rice, a barbecue plate, or noodles plus a drink for not much more than we would Read more [...]

  • Ruxuan Seafood

    Ruxuan Seafood 如轩, Located by the first ring road near Computer City, this inconspicuous mid-priced Guangdong restaurant is well worth a visit for those wanting to take a break from Sichuanese. It’s great for small or big parties, specializing in seafood but also doing a wide range of meat and Read more [...]

  • Shu Jiu Xiang

    Shu Jiu Xiang 蜀九香火锅酒楼 One of Chengdu’s best loved hot pot houses serves up fresh and beautifully presented ingredients in spicy hot or rich mild soup base. Try the goose intestine. We also like their snacks. Except for the 4 central located ones listed below, there are 20 more locations Read more [...]

  • Qin Shan Zhai

    Qin Shan Zhai 钦善斋 Two floors of a very traditional restaurant serving medicinal foods. Customers can choose hot pot or other dishes. Menu is illustrated and has English. A good choice for visitors to Wuhou Temple. 247 Wuhou Temple Main St. 武侯祠大街247号, 85053333, 85098875, 10am – 2pm; 5pm – 9pm


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