Do you want to try some delicious (spicy) Sichuanese flavors? Check out our list of Chengdu classics.

  • Hakka Kitchen 院吧厨房

    Hakka Kitchen 院吧厨房 Hakka Kitchen combines two of your favorite things; classic Sichuan food combined with a the hygiene and health standards you are used to at your favorite restaurant back home. Located conveniently at Kehuabeilu’s SOHO building ( next to Berlin Haus and Hakka Homes Bar) the inside features Read more [...]

  • Wang Si Ge Dou Ban Chao Shou Dumplings

    Wang Si Ge Dou Ban Chao Shou Dumplings 77, Beixin Xiang 18030658228 8:00 am-22:00pm We were originally drawn to this dumpling shop by the crowd inside, which was impressive considering the number of good local restaurants in the area. This shop specializes in chao shou dumplings in a thick, savoury, Read more [...]

  • Yu Zhi Lan 玉芝兰

    Small things really do come in good small packages at Yu Zhi Lan, with only 18 seats, to serve showcase the fine ingredients they use with their traditional Sichuan technique. Chef Lan Guijun is known for his minimalist but masterful interpretations of Sichuan food, each details of the restaurant and Read more [...]

  • Tian Tian Fan Dian 天添饭店

    This Yulin spot is popular with both locals and visitors to Chengdu. It serves all the Chengdu classics and was one of the places Anthony Bourdain visited on his recent visit to Chengdu.   Our food writer Jordan Porter from Chengdu Food Tours gives us his opinion on the place: Read more [...]

  • Dan Dan Tian Shui Mian

    This Tian Shui Mian and Dan Dan Mian restaurant serves a number of small portions of local snacks and delicacies as well as cold chuan chuan. Anthony Bourdain visited this chain during his 2016 show for CNN Parts Unknown, and our food correspondent Jordan Porter lets us know here what Read more [...]

  • Denizens of the Riverside

    Denizens of the Riverside Riverside is an old school Shuangnan area hot pot house. We dropped in one weekday evening to find a near full house with the familiar buzz of an evening hot pot crowd filling the room. The servers took mere seconds to get us seated, take the Read more [...]

  • Da Rong He – La Défense

    Da Rong He La Défense 大蓉和拉德方斯 Da Rong He is a well known restaurant family in Chengdu with several locations around town, and their La Défense location has grown popular since its opening a few years ago.We walked past the towering chunk of typically subtle referential architecture that the restaurant Read more [...]

  • Yan Cheng Ren Jia Sichuan Restaurant

    Yan Cheng Ren Jia 盐城人家川菜馆 云影路2号附15号(置信对面) 028-87011478 9am-10pm We scoped out a popular spot in this neighbourhood of people who obviously love to eat out and ended up in a restaurant called Yan Cheng Ren Jia. Most local restaurants with yan, or salt, in their names are serving one of Read more [...]

  • Yu Jiu Xiang Sichuan Restaurant

    Yu Jiu Xiang Sichuan Restaurant 渝九香川菜馆   Yu Jiu Xiang has been open several months now and has built a pretty stellar online reputation. We get that the popular restaurant review sites are open to some manipulation as businesses get savier about their online and social media marketing, but there Read more [...]

  • Saigon Lotus

    Saigon Lotus 阿玉莲西贡餐吧 Vietnamese place in the Wanda Complex out on the East 2nd Ring. Meals and snacks menu; specials often available. 333, 3/F, Film City, Wanda Plaza, East Section 5, Second Ring Rd. 二环路东五段万达广场电影城三楼333号,12am – 2pm, 5pm – 9:30pm, 86623129  

  • Rabbit Hotpot

    Rabbit, for those who appreciate it, is one of the most popular proteins in Sichuan cuisine. Rabbit hotpot, in central Yulin, does a fine trade in some uncommon Sichuanese cooking, all chosen from an extensive full-picture menu. It serves a hearty spicy rabbit pot of some acclaim. Close with the Read more [...]

  • Huangcheng Laoma Hotpot

    Huangcheng Laoma Hotpot, Here you’ve got the big dog, though actually the one that locals will never go to themselves (well, of course when they have visitors in town). The huge layout has an impressive décor that is matched by an expansive range of local fare. Calling in advance is Read more [...]

  • Longsenyuan Hot Pot

    Longsenyuan Hot Pot This is a hot pot restaurant for occasions, and one particularly well attuned to the needs of novices. The staff swear that their use of rapeseed oil instead of animal oil prevent diners from “overheating.” They are able to provide vegetarian, no-MSG, all-natural options, and have all Read more [...]

  • Yu Tian

    Yu Tian 雨田 The iconic fly restaurant on Hua Xing Zheng Street dishes up very good shao cai and cold mixed vegetable dishes. The steamed pork belly in lotus leaves is not to be missed. It’s located across the street from Pan Sun Shi. 73 Huaxingzheng St. 华兴正街73号, 11am – Read more [...]

  • Shu Jiu Xiang

    Shu Jiu Xiang 蜀九香火锅酒楼 One of Chengdu’s best loved hot pot houses serves up fresh and beautifully presented ingredients in spicy hot or rich mild soup base. Try the goose intestine. We also like their snacks. Except for the 4 central located ones listed below, there are 20 more locations Read more [...]

  • Qin Shan Zhai

    Qin Shan Zhai 钦善斋 Two floors of a very traditional restaurant serving medicinal foods. Customers can choose hot pot or other dishes. Menu is illustrated and has English. A good choice for visitors to Wuhou Temple. 247 Wuhou Temple Main St. 武侯祠大街247号, 85053333, 85098875, 10am – 2pm; 5pm – 9pm

  • Chi Wei Xian Restaurant

    Chi Wei Xian Restaurant 翅味鲜 Located not far from Tianfu square on a strip of “Cell Phone” street, this branch of a very popular local chain specializes in ‘gan guo’, or dry pot. It’s spicy and not to be missed. Popular with local families and young adults alike, it’s lively Read more [...]


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