• Whatever Bar and Restaurant

    Whatever Bar and Restaurant  随便餐吧 [old “Lazy Pug”]Drinks? Whatever!Food? WhateverOpening times? WheneverLogo that looks like a daisy flower? Actually it’s something else – ask Clay 😉 Comfortable restaurant with unfussy American food. Tongzilin location.Live is short, play hard!22, 1/F, Master Commercial St., 48 Section 4th, South Renmin Rd. 人民南路四段48号首座商业街1楼22号 WeChat ID: thelazypug Read more [...]

  • Return to Vegetarianism

    Return to Vegetarianism 归来素食生活馆12, 3rd Floor, Master, №48, Section 4 of South Renmin Road, Wuhou District 人民南路四段首座48号3栋12楼⌚ 11:00-21:30☎️ 028-83188366

  • Zhuanzhuanmo, Rabbit Restaurants

    Zhuanzhuanmo 转转磨“The crispy rabbit restaurant in Chengdu”Add1: No. 8 Zongnan Shenglong Street 成都棕南盛隆街8号Tel: 028 8523 9229Opening hours: 10:30-21:00 Add2: No.34 Jinxiu Road , F5 锦绣路34号五楼 [up The Beer Nest 1 – take the glass elevator on the corner]Tel: 028-84739697Opening hours: 10:30-21:00

  • Yi Ye Yi Shijie Tibetan Vegetarian Hotpot

    Yi Ye Yi Shijie Tibetan Vegetarian HotpotThis popular chain of Tibetan vegetarian hotpots have numerous locations around town (including one very near the American Consulate). They offer light completely meat free hot pot with green and fresh offerings of seasonal vegetables and tofu with the sauces you’re used to seeing Read more [...]

  • Baoguang Temple – Vegetarian Restaurant

    Baoguang Temple – Vegetarian RestaurantEnjoy a tasty meal after a relaxing stroll around the Baoguang Temple 。The restaurant is suitable for vegans and perfect for enjoying a traditional Buddhist vibe。 It can close in the afternoon so an  early start is recommended 。 📍No.81 of Baoguang  Rd, Xindu District 新都区宝光街81⌚️Monastery open Read more [...]

  • Awakening – Vegetarian Restaurant

    Awakening – Vegetarian RestaurantFound in the popular and trendy Taikoo Li shopping hub, Awakening is ideally situated and radiates a fresh, stylish vibe. Due to its location,dining here may be costlier than a back-alley haunt, but with a great vegetarian selection to choose from, Awakening is an excellent choice. 📍 #2, Read more [...]

  • Xinxiang Sushijie  - Vegetarian Center

    Xinxiang Sushijie  – Vegetarian Center心香素食界Doubling as both a Teahouse and vegetarian restaurant, Xinxiang delivers Sichuanese cuisine and bolsters their variety by offering mock meat and fish,diversifying the traditional vegetarian menu。To locate the restaurant head to Linliang Middle Road,which can be found across the River from Sofitel Hotel and between Huaxiba and Read more [...]

  • Yishan  – Vegetarian Restaurant

    Yishan  – Vegetarian Restaurant益膳素食坊 Yishan exudes a cool and calm atmosphere. Tucked away in a residential community, to access the restaurant enter the residence and go to the first floor. The restaurant is open from 11.30am until 12am making it an ideal location for a late dinner.📍 Building 4, 1Floor, No.2 of Read more [...]

  • Pu Su-Vegetarian Restaurant

    Pu Su-Vegetarian RestaurantPu Su can be found on Jingxiu Road in the Wuhou District. The area itself is popular for its design, recreating the traditional Tibetan style. Pu Su follows suit with its light and inviting wooden and bamboo décor. If you’re taking a trip to this area, Pu Su Read more [...]

  • Shang Shan Shi Shu -Vegetarian Restaurant

    Shang Shan Shi Shu -Vegetarian Restaurant Shang Shan Shi Shu is situated in Jinniu District in the North West and boasts an unexpected, sophisticated ambience for a vegetarian restaurant。They offer tea in the afternoon until 5pm and close at 9pm, so it’s  ideal  for an early dinnertime destination.📍 05-01,02,04A, Building 5, No.2, Read more [...]

  • Water Lotus – Vegetarian Restaurant

    Water Lotus If you like a lot of choice, Lotus is for you. Lotus is yet another excellent restaurant that caters for both vegetarian and vegan foodies. All the vegetarian-friendly dishes are listed in English and made with fresh ingredients. Have fun feasting your way through the 40 dishes on offer Read more [...]

  • Geng Yuan – Vegetarian Restaurant

    Geng YuanFor the spice-seekers amongst you, test your metal with Geng Yuan’s mouth-melting traditional Sichuanese cuisine. Be prepared: this restaurant is tucked away inside a shopping courtyard, so keep your eyes peeled. Chengyi Center, No.88 North Rd of Qing Yang District 青羊区北大街88号天盛壹中心

  • Vegan – Vegan Restaurant

    Vegan Drink up the sophisticated,  stylish set up of the aptly named Vegan. Buried behind the Carefour in Hong Pai Lou, Vegan often garners great reviews from their customers for their delicious menu and perfect ambience. Designed with vegans in mind, there is plenty on offer for both vegans and vegetarians Read more [...]

  • Bishop, Fusion Restaurant and Bar

    Address: 1-30 Jinxiu Road Poly Center B Block Ground Floor. 锦绣路1号附30号保利中心B座一楼Opening Hours: 11:00-01:00 Fri. and Sat.; 11:00-22:30 Sun. – Thu.Tel: 028-85028999 Bishop is a new restaurant with a religious like zealous for quality, locally sourced food to people who share the same passion for great cuisine in a beautiful environment.From choosing their ingredients, to Read more [...]

  • Grumpy Moose

    Bar and Restaurant in the Master area where The Beer Nest II, Lazy Pug, Nico Bar and A Boluza are located.Kitchen serving various appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, fajita, salad, pasta, tacos, etc.Address: 48-16, South Renmin Road 4th Section, below Master Building (alleyway Behind bank of China).Tel: 18086838048

  • Red Paprika Spanish Restaurant

    Red Paprika Spanish Eating House. Cosy environment. Paella, Tapas and Sangria are the most popular dishes. Above average standard among Spanish restaurants in Chengdu. Address: 1st Poly Center D block, 9-12 Linshiguan Rd.Tel: 028-85564949 18583268185Opening Time: 17:30-0:00 on Friday and Saturday; 17:30-23:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.


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