• River House

    River House人民南路二段55号岷山饭店21楼028-8558333310:30 am-lateWe dropped in to check out The River House, the Minshan Hotel’s top floor dining space with a view, for lunch one recent Saturday. The room has a clean and modern look and a contemporary menu. One thing we like about eating western food in better hotels is Read more [...]

  • Taps House

    Taps House aka Empty Bottle Chengdu 步廊啤酒馆 [空瓶子]Specialized beer bar around the corner from Carrefour at Kehua South Road, opened up in June 2016.科华中路 263号泛悦国际商业步行街 4 栋 105-109铺)No.263 Kehua Middle Road, Fanyue International Commercial Street No.4, 105-109. Wuhou District

  • Sichuan Opera Yue Lai Tea House

    One of the most standard tourist attractions in Chengdu is Sichuanese opera or “chuanju.” It’s fire-breathing, face-changing theater of photogenic spectacle actively promoted by tourism agencies and hostels alike. But few actual Chengdu residents regularly, if ever, get out to such performances for a number of reasons. Price tends to Read more [...]

  • Mandarin House Chinese School Chengdu

    Mandarin House Chinese School ChengduMobile: (86) 182 1763 2489; (86)182 0058 2548Tel: (86) 028-84466708;(86) 028-84468708 ext. 803Address: Suite 1708, Times 8, No. 68 Zhiquan Section, Jinjiang District, Chengdu成都市锦江区东大街芷泉段68号时代8号1708室www.mandarinhouse.com

  • Music House

    Buried in a plaza at the intersection of South Yulin Road and the second ring, the Music House is pretty close to a lounge bar. The performers can be eccentric at times and at other times bluesy. The Lan Kwai Fong and Huijin branch opened the last year, with rocking Read more [...]

  • MI XUN Teahouse

    MI XUN Teahouse, Contemporary Teahouse (part of The Temple House Hotel) for spa goers and anyone seeking a light menu of deliciously healthy food and drinks. Inspired by a traditional Chinese apothecary and the healing power of plants, the wood-lined tea room opens into an lush outdoor courtyard.The Temple House, Read more [...]


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