• Chinese Corner

    Chinese school offering a range of courses, including Business courses, Survival Chinese, HSK training and Intensive Group Study Classes.Address:桐梓林东路三号锦绣花园西区锦莱1-3-1Orchard villas, Jinlai building 1-3-1, Tongzilin DongLu No.3 Chengduwww.chinesecorner.cn

  • Spring Mandarin

    Chinese School in the city center. Jinjiang District, Xinguanghua No. 7, One Aerospace Center F32, Suite B3245成都市锦江区新光华街7号航天科技大厦32楼 Website: http://www.spring-mandarin.com

  • Lao Ma Tou Hot Pot

    Lao Ma Tou玉林中路29号028-8555570511am-4amLao Ma Tou is one of the largest and busiest hot pot houses in this Yulin neighbourhood, where five of the city’s top hot pot houses can be found within a couple of blocks. During peak times, pedestrians on the opposite side of this street will get a Read more [...]

  • Mandarin House Chinese School Chengdu

    Mandarin House Chinese School ChengduMobile: (86) 182 1763 2489; (86)182 0058 2548Tel: (86) 028-84466708;(86) 028-84468708 ext. 803Address: Suite 1708, Times 8, No. 68 Zhiquan Section, Jinjiang District, Chengdu成都市锦江区东大街芷泉段68号时代8号1708室www.mandarinhouse.com

  • Mandarin Club Chengdu

    Efficient study program, qualified teachers,various course and class types.Mandarin Club 明德汉语培训中心A1-1, Block100(Jinyun Lou), Orchard Villas, 46, Section4, South Renmin Rd. (entrance2: 18 East Tongzilin Rd.) 人民南路四段46号锦绣花园锦芸楼A1-1(小区后门: 桐梓林东路18号锦绣花园), 85929429 


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