• Foam Ranger Taproom

    Foam Ranger Taproom 成都锦江区中纱帽街8号 成都远洋太古里L2-2316Chengdu Sino-Ocean TaiKoo Li L2-2316 [entrance on 2nd floor in alley up Blue Frog]. Middle Zhongsha Mao street No. 8.

  • Taproom by Shangri-la Beer

    Opened middle of September 2017, the Shangri-la Highland Craft Brewery taproom served a wide selection of their craft beers brewed in northwestern Yunnan province. Most beer contain local ingredients like highland barley, which give them a distinct taste.Address/ 地址: Wuhou district, HongMen Road No. 36-16 成都市武侯区黉门街36号附16号 [next to Jah Bar]

  • Wild West Brewery Taproom

    Taproom in Jinli Street serving Wild West’s entire craft beer range.Located next to the Wuhou mausoleum in Jinli Ancient Street, a hot spot for tourists and locals alike due to its central location and abundance of traditional Sichuanese arts, crafts and snacks.Opening hours: Daily, 10am – late.Address/ 地址: Wuhou District, Read more [...]

  • Hookah House

    First Hookah House in Chengdu, enjoy water-pipe and drinks. Regular football games and PlayStation tournaments. *Address/ 地址: 科华北路143号蓝色加勒比广场 143, North Kehua Road

  • Wonderhouse Bar & Cafe

    WonderhouseWonderhouse Bar & Cafe at Wuli, Hua Pai Fang Street. Craft Beer, cocktails and  a wide variety of snacks. Interesting decoration details in the bar.Address: 3F, A building, NO. 40, Hua Pai Fang Street 花牌坊街40号无里创意工厂A栋3楼(近消防中队)Tel: 15756508448Opening Hours: 14:30-1:00 Mon-Sun 

  • Munchwich, Sandwich Bar

    MunchwichMunchwich offers a wide selection of club sandwiches, salads, bagels, specials, side dishes and much more!Munchwich is a casual open concept restaurant, with a handful of tables on the main floor and a number of cozier seating areas are being put in upstairs. All sandwiches are made fresh to order Read more [...]

  • Honey and Malt

    Honey and Malt (蜜和麦) have 30 taps with different beers, in Chengdu’s Tongzilin area.Honey & Malt, a craft beer bar opened end of December 2016, has one of Chengdu’s most impressive domestic craft beer selections. With 22 beers currently on tap, they have the potential to pour up to 30 Read more [...]

  • Draft Beer Factory

    Draft Beer Factory 麦酒社50 Taps Beer bar & restaurant in the West of Chengdu, opened June 2016. Great for the development of Draft bar, though shouldn’t be long before they realise that 50 taps isn’t quite manageable in the city.無里创意工厂地址在:花牌坊40号

  • Taps House

    Taps House aka Empty Bottle Chengdu 步廊啤酒馆 [空瓶子]Specialized beer bar around the corner from Carrefour at Kehua South Road, opened up in June 2016.科华中路 263号泛悦国际商业步行街 4 栋 105-109铺)No.263 Kehua Middle Road, Fanyue International Commercial Street No.4, 105-109. Wuhou District

  • MUG, German Bar

    MUG, German Bar 马格鲜爽啤酒馆Building 6, Waishuangnan Egret Island Commercial Pedestrian St. 外双楠鹭岛路36号鹭岛国际步行街6号楼, 61516777; 29 Zhaixiangzi 窄巷子29号, 86210777; 2 – 1, North Area of Tiexiangsishui St., 699 Tianfuyi Ave. 天府一街699号铁象寺水街北区2-1, 61701777

  • Hugo Craft Beer Bar

    Nice selection of >15 drafts and a huge fridge full of bottled beers.Hugo Craft Beer BarGaoxin District, Zishan Road No. 22 (Pedestrian street next to Millenium Hotel)高新区紫杉路22号(紧邻紫荆南路上海花园和神仙树南路中海名城), 18628067599 & 13558815114

  • Dave’s Oasis

    Dave’s Oasis 大卫餐吧  , One of Chengdu’s most historic hangouts, Dave’s Oasis has been around for over 18 years. An intimate dive bar covered in grafitti from guests features western bar food, cheap draft beer and cocktails. Dave’s has weekly poker nights, beer pong, and allows guests to choose their Read more [...]

  • The Beer Nest II, Brewpub & Kitchen

    The Beer Nest II, Bar & Kitchen 啤酒窝餐吧Comfortable venue with inside & covered outside sitting area. Enjoy one of Chengdu’s largest selection of draft beers, combined with tasty food.  Open from 12pm till late [kitchen till midnight].Daily specials & promotions. Serving great bar food like pizza, burgers [try the spicy Read more [...]

  • The Beer Nest 1, Bar

    The Beer Nest 1, Bar. This cozy bar opposite the Poly Center was one of the first to introduce Chengdu to good beer. It offers a variety of >60 beers (including various drafts), wines, whiskeys, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, and also brought beer culture and knowledge to Chengdu.One of the Read more [...]


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