• Metro Supermarkets

    In October 2016, Metro -an international self-service wholesaler targeted towards professional customers- has opened a 2nd store in Chengdu. Metro Chengdu Qingyang store [North] 麦德龙(成都高新商场)1 Central Qingjiang Rd. 清江中路1号, 6am – 10pm, 87303888 Metro Chengdu Gaoxin store [South] 麦德龙(成都青羊商场店)Tianfu 2nd Street No. 1033, Luzhou International building B1. 天府二街1033号建发鹭州国际B1楼,  6am – 10pm, (028)62957888

  • Wal-Mart Supermarkets

    Wal-Mart 沃尔玛购物广场83 Jiaoda Rd. 交大路183号, 87606677, 87627121;SM Square, 29 East Sect. 2, 2nd Ring Rd. 二环路东二段29号SM商业城, 84312323, 84316588 

  • Ito Yokado Supermarkets

    Ito Yokado Supermarkets伊藤洋华堂6 Yidu Rd., West Sect.1, 2nd Ring Rd. 二环路西一段逸都路6号, 87021111;Jinhua Rd., East Sect.5, 2nd Ring Rd. 二环路东五段锦华路8 Dakejia Ln., Hongxing Rd. 红星路大科甲巷8号, 9am – 10pm, 86715111 

  • Sabrina’s Country Store

    Sabrina’s Country Store Chengdu 莎比娜食品店54 North Kehua Rd. 科华北路54号, 8524298 [Closed October 2016]Zijing Location: 8 ZiZhu Middle Rd. 紫竹中街8号, 85150181 or 13881862289368 East QingJiang Rd. Across the Street From METRO 清江东路368号,麦德龙马路对面, 61867880


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