Grumpy Moose

    Bar and Restaurant in the Master area where The Beer Nest II, Lazy Pug, Nico Bar and A Boluza are located. Kitchen serving various appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, fajita, salad, pasta, tacos, etc. Address: 48-16, South Renmin Road 4th Section, below Master Building (alleyway Behind bank of China). Tel: 18086838048


    Red Paprika Spanish Restaurant

    Red Paprika Spanish Eating House. Cosy environment. Paella, Tapas and Sangria are the most popular dishes. Above average standard among Spanish restaurants in Chengdu.   Address: 1st Poly Center D block, 9-12 Linshiguan Rd. Tel: 028-85564949 18583268185 Opening Time: 17:30-0:00 on Friday and Saturday; 17:30-23:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

  • Battingstar

    Battingstar, Baseball Restaurant and Bar 成都大明猩棒球餐吧 West Village is getting hipper, and more cool shops are opening. They got several bars and restaurant, sports fields, a VR place, Battle Blitz NERF, etc. The newest addition is a cool Baseball themed Restaurant and Bar. It included a few batting cages, Western read more

  • The Range Bar and Grill

    The Range Cosy american style restaurant and bar with southern style food and friendly service. To read more about the place and the lovely owners Clay & Nate, click here.  Open daily from 10am until 1am. 成都市武侯区一环路南一段9号1栋2层9号(凯悦新城) Chengdu, Wuhou District, First Ring Road #9 South First Section Building 1. Second Floor read more

  • A’Re Vegetarian Restaurant

    A’Re Vegetarian Restaurant A’ Re Tibetan restaurant founded by A’ Re (pronounced Ah-Rer) was born in a very alluring and remote Tibetan valley, Danba. Danba is a beautiful Tibetan gem hidden in the Gyarong valley of Sichuan. She opened her first Tibetan restaurant in Chengdu in 2000, now she has four restaurants read more

  • Kudos African Restaurant

    Chengdu, Wuhou District, Renmin Road, Section 2, No. 21. Shouhang Xincheng, Unit 2, building 2, 3001. 武侯区二环路南二段21号首航欣程(棕南妇科医院后面)2栋2单元3001  

  • Gourmet Malaysian Cafe

    Gourmet Malaysian Restaurant Cafe Address: No.9-19 Tongzilin Nanlu, Wuhou District (beside Singapore Garden’s entrance) 桐梓林南路9号附19,武侯区(新加坡花园小区旁边)

  • Taiwan Bear Paw

    Taiwan Bear Paw 熊手包 We recently went tocheck out a smaller food plaza just between the Song Tang food street and Wangfujin, a very touristy area of town. The spot was very quiet on the weekend despite having an interesting mix of eateries, from local barbecued rabbit and Leshan soft read more

  • g+ Urban Harvest

    g+ Urban Harvest We dropped by g+on a rainy day and ended up in the main room with a view of the music fountain.The interior at g+ has a modern mix of marble and wood and industrial effects,and like many of the better second floor Tai Koo Li spots, they read more

  • Da Rong He – La Défense

    Da Rong He La Défense 大蓉和拉德方斯 Da Rong He is a well known restaurant family in Chengdu with several locations around town, and their La Défense location has grown popular since its opening a few years ago.We walked past the towering chunk of typically subtle referential architecture that the restaurant read more

  • Munchen 1810

    As you would guess from the name, it’s all about German food and German beers. Spend over 300RMB for a dinner for two with a few drinks. English menu available. 1/F, Zijing Cinema, 18, South Sect. 3, 2nd Ring Rd. 二环路南三段18号紫荆电影城1楼, 4pm – all leave, 86181810; 4-1-4 East Music Park, read more

  • Blue Roof

    Blue Roof is a Louisiana Style Restaurant and bar. Most items on their menu have origins in the southern part of America. The American spicy flavor seafood, handmade sweet potato fries, clam chowder with bread bowl, gumbo, shrimp and grits and po-boy are specialities of Blue Roof! This is a new restaurant read more

  • Yu Tian Restaurant

    Yu Tian 雨田 华兴东街9号 028-86781582 10am-9:30pm Fly restaurants are usually modest neighbourhood or working lunch places, but a very good one has the power to transcend its area and become a destination in its own right. Of these, Ming Ting is probably the biggest draw in town, but there are read more

  • Yan Cheng Ren Jia Sichuan Restaurant

    Yan Cheng Ren Jia 盐城人家川菜馆 云影路2号附15号(置信对面) 028-87011478 9am-10pm We scoped out a popular spot in this neighbourhood of people who obviously love to eat out and ended up in a restaurant called Yan Cheng Ren Jia. Most local restaurants with yan, or salt, in their names are serving one of read more

  • Tiziano Pizza and Dessert

    Tiziano Pizza and Dessert 神仙树南路, 紫衫步行街 66号 028-646-0515 10am-10pm The walking street off Shenxianshu South Street has several local restaurants, bars and coffeehouses hidden behind its trees, and we walked past Tiziano without noticing it at first. Tiziano is a cosy space that had been open about a month when read more

  • Li Ben Jia Korean Restaurant

    Li Ben Jia 李本家韩国料理 武侯区 玉林南路玉林生活广场1楼 15680030373 10am-10pm With the mercury rising, we were in the mood for Korean cold noodles and ended up in a small Yulin area spot called Li Ben Jia. They have a large menu with descriptions of dishes in Korean and Chinese and photos, but read more

  • Lao Ma Tou Hot Pot

    Lao Ma Tou 玉林中路29号 028-85555705 11am-4am Lao Ma Tou is one of the largest and busiest hot pot houses in this Yulin neighbourhood, where five of the city’s top hot pot houses can be found within a couple of blocks. During peak times, pedestrians on the opposite side of this read more

  • Grandpa Wang’s Barbecue

    Grandpa Wang’s Barbecue 王大爷烧烤, 肖家河店 肖家河兴蓉街 31号 6 pm-1:30 am 85105249 Grandpa Wang’s is a legendary barbecue restaurant in northwest Chengdu that spawned itself into a chain a couple of years back. We always meant to visit the original, but since good barbecue is found in almost every neighbourhood in read more


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