• Pasta Vera

    Pasta Vera 1-27 Zheng Kejia Xiang, Isetan Department Store B1 028-8082-1111 10am-10pm The Isetan mall on Chunxi Road has a few spots for good and quick work week meals around the lower floor supermarket space. We like what they’ve got going so far, inlcuding newcomer Pasta Vera, the popup pasta Read more [...]

  • Tiziano Pizza and Dessert

    Tiziano Pizza and Dessert 神仙树南路, 紫衫步行街 66号 028-646-0515 10am-10pm The walking street off Shenxianshu South Street has several local restaurants, bars and coffeehouses hidden behind its trees, and we walked past Tiziano without noticing it at first. Tiziano is a cosy space that had been open about a month when Read more [...]

  • Sardinia Pizza

    A nice selection of pizzas ranging around 30-60 kuai. Another small place with a tasty slice. Come with a small group and enjoy the local shops of the Tibetan neighborhood. English menu available. Sardinia Pizza 撒丁披萨 8 East 1st Ximianqiao St. 洗面桥东一街8号, 8am – 11pm, Deliver外送: 10am – 9pm, 85590492 Read more [...]

  • Ricardo’s Pizza Kitchen

    Ricardo’s Pizza Kitchen 瑞卡多披萨 上东大街289号新熙巷内 Upper Dong Dajie No. 289, right beside Grand Hyatt, Chunxi Road, Chengdu Wide Delivery range 10am-2am, 13540131661  

  • Mike’s Pizza Kitchen

    Mike’s Pizza Kitchen 麦克匹萨 Hand-toss an authentic New York style pizza pie and stone-bake it to perfection with the finest ingredients and the best toppings. Also does delivery. Address: Tongzilin Road No. 4-7 (next to Agricultural Bank @ Europe City ) 桐梓林路4号附7号欧城楼农行旁 Opening Time: 11am – 1pm & 4pm – Read more [...]


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