• Blue Room Gallery

    Blue Room Gallery 蓝色空间 1/F, Jiaozi Concert Hall, 48 Shuinianhe Rd. 水碾河路48号娇子音乐厅一楼西侧, 84456916, [email protected]

  • O Gallery

    O Gallery 欧桥亚西方艺术画廊 Room 212, Lippo Tower, 62 North Kehua Rd. 科华北路62号力宝大厦212, 85283031  

  • L-Art Gallery

    L-Art Gallery 那特画廊 (West side of) Building C1, Software Park , Tianfu Avenue 天府大道, 天府软件园C1楼, 18608046363, www.l-artgallery.com  

  • A4 Gallery

    A4 Gallery 18 Luzhen, Sect. 2nd, Lushan Ave.,South Extension South Renmin Rd. 双流麓山大道二段十八号麓镇A4当代艺术中心, 85761265, www.a4art.cn


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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