Yi Ye Yi Shijie Tibetan Vegetarian Hotpot

    Yi Ye Yi Shijie Tibetan Vegetarian Hotpot This popular chain of Tibetan vegetarian hotpots have numerous locations around town (including one very near the American Consulate). They offer light completely meat free hot pot with green and fresh offerings of seasonal vegetables and tofu with the sauces you’re used to read more


    Baoguang Temple – Vegetarian Restaurant

    Baoguang Temple – Vegetarian Restaurant Enjoy a tasty meal after a relaxing stroll around the Baoguang Temple 。The restaurant is suitable for vegans and perfect for enjoying a traditional Buddhist vibe。 It can close in the afternoon so an  early start is recommended 。   📍No.81 of Baoguang  Rd, Xindu read more


    Awakening – Vegetarian Restaurant

    Awakening – Vegetarian Restaurant Found in the popular and trendy Taikoo Li shopping hub, Awakening is ideally situated and radiates a fresh, stylish vibe. Due to its location,dining here may be costlier than a back-alley haunt, but with a great vegetarian selection to choose from, Awakening is an excellent choice. read more


    Water Lotus – Vegetarian Restaurant

    Water Lotus   If you like a lot of choice, Lotus is for you. Lotus is yet another excellent restaurant that caters for both vegetarian and vegan foodies. All the vegetarian-friendly dishes are listed in English and made with fresh ingredients. Have fun feasting your way through the 40 dishes read more


    Vegan – Vegan Restaurant

    Vegan   Drink up the sophisticated,  stylish set up of the aptly named Vegan. Buried behind the Carefour in Hong Pai Lou, Vegan often garners great reviews from their customers for their delicious menu and perfect ambience. Designed with vegans in mind, there is plenty on offer for both vegans read more

  • Yu Tian Restaurant

    Yu Tian 雨田 华兴东街9号 028-86781582 10am-9:30pm Fly restaurants are usually modest neighbourhood or working lunch places, but a very good one has the power to transcend its area and become a destination in its own right. Of these, Ming Ting is probably the biggest draw in town, but there are read more

  • Yan Cheng Ren Jia Sichuan Restaurant

    Yan Cheng Ren Jia 盐城人家川菜馆 云影路2号附15号(置信对面) 028-87011478 9am-10pm We scoped out a popular spot in this neighbourhood of people who obviously love to eat out and ended up in a restaurant called Yan Cheng Ren Jia. Most local restaurants with yan, or salt, in their names are serving one of read more

  • Taoyuan Village

    Taoyuan Village 桃园眷村 双庆路万年城北庭 1F103 9am-10pm We dropped into this hot new spot in the Wannianxiang shopping centre, which serves up Taiwanese style breakfast and snacks. The breakfast offerings are soymilk and youtiao, sandwiches described as shao bing, and rice wraps. Our main reason for making the trek across town read more

  • Spice Bazaar Xinjiang Cuisine

    Spice Bazaar Xinjiang Cuisine香料集市新疆餐厅 Simple and tasteful Uyghur dishes in a space with a “Modern Asian” design aesthetic. “Silk road” style arts and crafts from Kashgar, like carpets and copperware, are on display around the restaurant. The menu is comprised of several Xinjiang standards like da pan ji, rice pilaf read more

  • Yoghurt Yard Dessert

    Yoghurt Yard Dessert(优格果园) Address: – Shawan Capita Retail Plaza Floor 2- 22, Jinniu District 金牛区二环路北一段10号沙湾凯德广场2楼22号 – Kuanzhai xiangzi, Qingyang District 青羊区宽窄巷子 – Shuangnan, Ito Yokado Floor 5 双楠伊藤洋华堂5楼美食广场门口 – Jianshe Rd, Ito Yokado Floor 5 建设路2号伊藤洋华堂5楼 –  Mengzhuiwan St, No.94, Chenghua District 成华区猛追湾街94号(近电视塔) RMB 30

  • The Sense Dessert

    The Sense Dessert 醒食 Address:  Hongjizhong Rd, No.194, Jinjiang DIstrict, near Niuwangmiao metro station 锦江区宏济中路194号(近地铁2号线,牛王庙地铁站) 028-86655747  RMB 40

  • Xiaosen Dessert

    Xiaosen Dessert 小森茶集  Address:  East 2nd Ring road No.115 MIXC 1st Floor 152A 二环路东三段115号万象城1楼152A(南庭外太平洋咖啡旁) 028- 61532123 RMB 45  Address: Tongzilin North Rd. No.2 Kailaidijing C- 15- C 桐梓林北路2号凯莱帝景C- 15- C号 028-85122237 RMB 50

  • Momoko Dessert

    Momoko Dessert 028-65169392 Address: B1, M052e, Taikoo Li, No.8 Shamao Rd 锦江区纱帽街8号成都远洋太古里M052e负一层(太古里 IFS 红星路口 春熙路地铁站) RMB 50

  • JW Frozen Yoghurt

    JW Frozen Yoghurt   Address: Dayue Rd, Joy City F1- J11 大悦路与太平园中三路交叉口大悦城1楼悦街J11 028-82363616 RMB 30 Address: Silver Plaza F1 left, Jinjiang District 锦江区 银石广场一楼主入口左侧(外墙大屏幕下) 15892461994 RMB 30

  • Johnny 5 Donuts

    Johnny 5 Donuts 强尼5号 CLOSED beginning of June 2017 [changed to Good Good Mexican Grill] Little shop with a very continental selection of various sweet and savoury riffs on the art of puff pastry, but they also serve up an extremely American menu of fresh donuts. Selection varies daily. Pastries read more

  • Yu Family Kitchen Restaurant 喻家厨房

    Yu Family Kitchen Restaurant 喻家厨房   We dropped in to check out the new location of Yu Family Kitchen, which moved from Kuanzhai Alley down to Huayang earlier this year. The cold dishes of vegetables, tofu and pickles that started off our 20+ course lunch displayed precise knife work and read more

  • The Temple Café

    Bright and vibrant, The Temple Café presents delicious Asian and Western dishes from breakfast through to dinner. The Temple Café The Temple House, 81 Bitieshi Street, Jinjiang District 锦江区笔帖式街81号, 62974191, Breakfast: 6:30am – 11am; Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30; Afternoon Tea: 2pm – 5:30pm; Dinner: 5:30pm – 9:30pm  

  • Innovate Food Tapas Restaurant

    Innovate Food Tapas Restaurant 食社 Innovate Food is a traditional tapas restaurant with Spanish classics such as pealla. You can find sliders of beef from New Zealand, cured meats, salad and seafood all have a European taste. Time: 11:00am-10:30pm weekdays, 11:00am-11pm weekends 2245, Tai Koo Li 8 Middle Shamao St. read more


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