Grumpy Moose

    Bar and Restaurant in the Master area where The Beer Nest II, Lazy Pug, Nico Bar and A Boluza are located. Kitchen serving various appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, fajita, salad, pasta, tacos, etc. Address: 48-16, South Renmin Road 4th Section, below Master Building (alleyway Behind bank of China). Tel: 18086838048


    Whisper Cocktail Bar

    Nice stylish cocktail/ whisky bar which well worth a drop in for after-work cocktails or a plain old bender. The waiters speak English, which is not always the case in Chengdu and were not stumped by any of the drink requests we made. The downstairs seating accommodates maybe 13-14 people: read more



    Battingstar, Baseball Restaurant and Bar 成都大明猩棒球餐吧 West Village is getting hipper, and more cool shops are opening. They got several bars and restaurant, sports fields, a VR place, Battle Blitz NERF, etc. The newest addition is a cool Baseball themed Restaurant and Bar. It included a few batting cages, Western read more

  • Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu

    The Diaoyutai Boutique Chengdu (Chengdu Diaoyutai Jingpin Jiudian) is located inside Kuan Zhai Alleys area, close to downtown area of Tianfu Plaza. Just a 30-minute drive from Shuangliu International Airport. It has 45 luxury bespoke rooms and has a spacious bar and fine dining restaurant. It’s a stones through from read more

  • The Range Bar and Grill

    The Range American style restaurant/bar with southern style food and service. Right now open from 4pm until 1am Monday through Saturday 成都市武侯区一环路南一段9号1栋2层9号(凯悦新城) Chengdu, Wuhou District, First Ring Road #9 South First Section Building 1. Second Floor Suite #9. (KaiYue New City, former “Nuhi’s Deli”)

  • Honey and Malt

    Honey and Malt (蜜和麦) have 30 taps with different beers, in Chengdu’s Tongzilin area. Honey & Malt, a craft beer bar opened end of December 2016, has one of Chengdu’s most impressive domestic craft beer selections. With 22 beers currently on tap, they have the potential to pour up to read more

  • Commune Chengdu

    Bar/ Beer supermarket started in Wuhan with several outlets around China, from the same management group of the Propaganda Clubs.   Commune Bar 公社 [Kehua] 成都市武侯区科华北路58号附1二栋二楼 (沃尔玛超市西侧) Wuhou District, Kehua North Road No. 58 (above Walmart)   Commune Bar 公社 [TV Tower] 成都339购物广场A座一层G110-G111(沿着河边) 1F, Fun2 Shopping Mall, 339 Television Tower

  • Cafe Scandinavia Bar

    Cafe Scandinavia Bar Some of the best coffee in town comes from Swedish double act Johan and Mike at the Scandanavian Café, where they specialise in slow drip Swedish coffee. They have a wide range of beans to choose from: Latin, Blue Mountain, Colombian or Brazilian! This café started as read more

  • Munchen 1810

    As you would guess from the name, it’s all about German food and German beers. Spend over 300RMB for a dinner for two with a few drinks. English menu available. 1/F, Zijing Cinema, 18, South Sect. 3, 2nd Ring Rd. 二环路南三段18号紫荆电影城1楼, 4pm – all leave, 86181810; 4-1-4 East Music Park, read more

  • Taps House

    Taps House aka Empty Bottle Chengdu 步廊啤酒馆 [空瓶子] Specialized beer bar around the corner from Carrefour at Kehua South Road, opened up in June 2016. 科华中路 263号泛悦国际商业步行街 4 栋 105-109铺) No.263 Kehua Middle Road, Fanyue International Commercial Street No.4, 105-109. Wuhou District

  • 8 Trees Wine Bar

    A short intro just isn’t enough for 8 Trees Wine Bar. Don Juan’s ghost is floating around stirring up romance in all who enter here. The setting? The Chengdu Roman Catholic Church? Your dining experience? Try the lounge or perhaps the courtyard? 8 Trees Wine Bar 8棵树酒吧 25 Xihuamen St. read more

  • Little Bar (New)

    The younger, yet bigger brother of the original stems from a desire to entertain. The Little Bar II is a great place to take in some live music. Be careful though: Chengdu has a punk music scene; both the crowds and the music should be reckoned with. Little Bar (New) read more

  • Underground Bar

    It is a British-style pub with a wide-selection of world beers and great music at a volume you can chat too. Underground Bar 隧道酒吧 12-13, Building 6, Gelinweizhi, Taipingnanxin St, Jiuyan Bridge 九眼桥太平南新街格林威治6栋12-13号(位于Babi2和1855俱乐部之间), 85294142  

  • Wow Bar

    Wow Bar Chengdu 2/F, 6 Tai Ping Nan Xin Street, Wuhou District 武侯区九眼桥太平南新街6号2楼, 85252653 Wuhou District, Kehua North Street, #63, 3F  武侯区科华北路63号3楼 , 028-85404375  


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