Check out this variety of mouth-watering and flavourful list of restaurants in Chengdu.

  • Leeber Burgers Rafflescity

    Leeber 力堡 B2 Floor, CapitaMall Rafflescity. 10am-10pm We’ve been checking out lots of new spots at Raffles City over the past few months, where the previous lower level grocery store space has been reopened with a high-end supermarket and food court area. There are several new faces on the lower read more

  • Wagas [TaiKoo Li]

    Named after Daci Temple right next to Chengdu Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, Wagas temple offers a relaxed ambience and a diversified menu to the community. Wagas serves healthy salads, pasta, sandwiches, superfood juices, coffee & more. Beautiful Scandinavian inspired design makes Wagas your home away from home. Located in 10 cities, read more

  • Kudos African Restaurant

    Chengdu, Wuhou District, Renmin Road, Section 2, No. 21. Shouhang Xincheng, Unit 2, building 2, 3001. 武侯区二环路南二段21号首航欣程(棕南妇科医院后面)2栋2单元3001  

  • TacoToGo

    TacoToGo is an exciting new company in Chengdu providing authentic Mexican tacos and quesadillas. They offer both delivery and have an outside seeting bar to grab a snack on site – they can be found just off Ke Hua North Road (武侯区 跳伞塔棕苑巷3号院旁). Our Baidu map path led us down read more

  • Gourmet Malaysian Cafe

    Gourmet Malaysian Restaurant Cafe Address: No.9-19 Tongzilin Nanlu, Wuhou District (beside Singapore Garden’s entrance) 桐梓林南路9号附19,武侯区(新加坡花园小区旁边)

  • g+ Urban Harvest

    g+ Urban Harvest We dropped by g+on a rainy day and ended up in the main room with a view of the music fountain.The interior at g+ has a modern mix of marble and wood and industrial effects,and like many of the better second floor Tai Koo Li spots, they read more

  • Blue Roof Cajun

    Blue Roof is a Louisiana Style Restaurant and bar. Most items on their menu have origins in the southern part of America. The American spicy flavor seafood, handmade sweet potato fries, clam chowder with bread bowl, gumbo, shrimp and grits and po-boy are specialities of Blue Roof.

  • Li Ben Jia Korean Restaurant

    Li Ben Jia 李本家韩国料理 武侯区 玉林南路玉林生活广场1楼 15680030373 10am-10pm With the mercury rising, we were in the mood for Korean cold noodles and ended up in a small Yulin area spot called Li Ben Jia. They have a large menu with descriptions of dishes in Korean and Chinese and photos, but read more

  • Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu

    Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu is Lan Kwai Fong Group’s first flagship project in Mainland.  Since its opening in 2010, Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu has become an entertainment hotspot in Chengdu and a not-to-be-missed destination for leisure and lifestyle. The project is located in the CDB area of Chengdu and has read more

  • Suixin, Vegetarian Restaurant

    Suixin Vegetarian 心想素食界 Eastern themed vegetarian restaurant and tea house, lots of local flavour and healthy dishes. Beautiful and calming interior. 2/F, China Merchants Bank Building, 1, Sect. 3rd, South Renmin Rd. 人民南路三段1号招商银行大厦2楼, 10 am (tea) -11:30am (food) till late, 67333363

  • 8 Trees Wine Bar

    A short intro just isn’t enough for 8 Trees Wine Bar. Don Juan’s ghost is floating around stirring up romance in all who enter here. The setting? The Chengdu Roman Catholic Church? Your dining experience? Try the lounge or perhaps the courtyard? 8 Trees Wine Bar 8棵树酒吧 25 Xihuamen St. read more

  • The Bookworm

    A great cultural center and intellectual’s safe-haven. Features everything from live music to lending library. Great food, good drinks and good books too. You will often find students studying by day, followed by weekly activities at night, such as Quiz Night or writing workshops. The Bookworm 老书虫 2-3 East Yujie read more

  • Innovate Food Tapas Restaurant

    Innovate Food Tapas Restaurant 食社 Innovate Food is a traditional tapas restaurant with Spanish classics such as pealla. You can find sliders of beef from New Zealand, cured meats, salad and seafood all have a European taste. Time: 11:00am-10:30pm weekdays, 11:00am-11pm weekends 2245, Tai Koo Li 8 Middle Shamao St. read more

  • Vegetarian Lifestyle

    Vegetarian Lifestyle 枣子树素餐厅 Very popular Ba Bao Jie area chain restaurant that comes to Chengdu via Taiwan. Specializes in vegetarian recreations of classic Chinese dishes. Spectacular bathrooms, an attentive staff and a good atmosphere make this place stand out. English menu available. 27 Qinglong St. 青龙街27号, 11am – 9:30pm, 86282848

  • The Lotus on the Water

    The Lotus on the Water Some people might be afraid of a tasteless meal from a vegetarian place. That is anything but the case here. A wide variety of items makes meals anything but dull. English menu available. 5 Baiyunsi St. 白云寺街5号, 10am – 9pm, 86921839


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