Not-so spicy and very spicy! Hotpot for small and large groups and any occasion 👪

  • Lao Ma Tou Hot Pot

    Lao Ma Tou 玉林中路29号 028-85555705 11am-4am Lao Ma Tou is one of the largest and busiest hot pot houses in this Yulin neighbourhood, where five of the city’s top hot pot houses can be found within a couple of blocks. During peak times, pedestrians on the opposite side of this read more

  • Longsenyuan Hot Pot

    Longsenyuan Hot Pot This is a hot pot restaurant for occasions, and one particularly well attuned to the needs of novices. The staff swear that their use of rapeseed oil instead of animal oil prevent diners from “overheating.” They are able to provide vegetarian, no-MSG, all-natural options, and have all read more


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