Looking for a place to dance the night away? Check out our list of clubs in Chengdu.

  • Dance Club

    Following the “success” of of SPACE, DANCE Club Chengdu opened with some of the same investors. Think: EDM, hiphop and trap music, along with a huge dance floor and electric party atmosphere. Dance Club 1F, Building B, Fun2 Shopping Mall, 339 Television Tower (East Chengdu) 成都339欢乐颂B栋1楼(四川电视塔)

  • CAGO

    Hi-end Club, KTV and Lounge opened beginning of January 2017. Supported by Chinese movie star HuangXiaoMing 黄晓明, their goals is to provide classy service and parties. They wanted to be “hi-class only”, including dress-code and no free drinks for foreigners, but we’re still in Chengdu, so that didn’t really happen read more

  • Propaganda Club Chengdu

    Propaganda Club 成都市成华区双林路339号成都339购物中心A栋(西门)沿河一层 1F Fun 2 Shopping Mall [same as SPACE Club], 339 Television Tower (East Chengdu)

  • Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu

    Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu is Lan Kwai Fong Group’s first flagship project in Mainland.  Since its opening in 2010, Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu has become an entertainment hotspot in Chengdu and a not-to-be-missed destination for leisure and lifestyle. The project is located in the CDB area of Chengdu and has read more

  • OP Club

    OP Club 607 & 608, Poly Centre, Building D, 1 Jinxiu Rd., Wuhou District 武侯区锦绣路1号保利中心D座607 & 608

  • TAG Electronic Music Club

    Underground electronic music club, located on the top floor. Open from Thursday to Saturday. TAG Electronic Music Club 2118, 21/F, Entrance A, 3 Poly Center (Across The Beer Nest, same floor as Here We Go and Sinostage) 保利中心3栋A座21楼2118号, 9pm – 4am,

  • SOS

    SOS 俱乐部 5/F, Brilliance Tianfu Mall, 9 Central Kehua Rd. 科华中路9号百联天府5楼, 85287766

  • Venus Club

    Venus Club 1/F, Building 5, A, Lan Kwai Fong, 1 Shuijin St., East Binjiang Rd. 滨江东路水津街1号兰桂坊1楼, 84445552

  • The Regal Club

    The Regal Club -a mega entertainment facility comprising of KTV, dining and recreational activities for your relaxation. Posh private halls with ultra-advanced song selection system and terabytes of multi-lingual popular songs from all eras to satisfy your desire to shine and be a star. The Regal Club 大富豪国际会所 5/F, Celebrity read more


    Club With EDM, hiphop, and trap music, along with a huge dance floor and electric party atmosphere. Be free in Space! SPACE 4F, Fun2 Shopping Mall, 339 Television Tower (East Chengdu) 成都339欢乐颂4楼(四川电视塔)    

  • Sanajon International Dance Club

    Small dance studio by the river offering classes in Latin, salsa, ballet, belly dance, ethnic dance, and street dance. Yoga and martial arts classes also held. Group classes or one on one instruction available for both kids and adults. Sanajon International Dance Club 中美三勒浆国际舞俱乐部 West Linjiang Rd. 临江西路6号, 85596259

  • Jellyfish

    Jellyfish 1+2 水母酒吧 Every night Chengdu’s funkiest Djs play long hours music that keeps you moving all night long. The Jellyfish serves authentic alcohol and specially designed cocktails that customers can sip on while watching the crowds going crazy on the dance floor. Blue Caribbean Plaza, 143 North Kehua Rd. read more


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