Looking for cafes in Chengdu? Check out our list of great cafes in the city.

  • Wonderhouse Bar & Cafe

    Wonderhouse Wonderhouse Bar & Cafe at Wuli, Hua Pai Fang Street. Craft Beer, cocktails and  a wide variety of snacks. Interesting decoration details in the bar. Address: 3F, A building, NO. 40, Hua Pai Fang Street 花牌坊街40号无里创意工厂A栋3楼(近消防中队) Tel: 15756508448 Opening Hours: 14:30-1:00 Mon-Sun  

  • Artisans American Cafe

    CLOSED [June 2017] This American owned cafe in Tongzilin serves flat breads, haogies, and other snacks like potato wedges, cheese sticks and crispy chicken. They also have  selection of baked offerings and serve tea, and craft beers! This friendly cafe is in the same strip as Red Beard Burger and Origins cafe.  read more

  • Charu’s Coworking Space

    Charu is a Tiebean C0-Working space all about making links and connections. The name itself has a Tibetan meaning, coming from the word for the toggle that is used to connect all the parts of a black yak hair tent together – and so the name is significant about networking read more

  • Origins Coffee Company

    Origins Coffee Company  Origins Coffee company is a new cafe in Chengdu’s Tongzilin that is run by two friendly American families. As well as all the usual coffees, they also sell a range of iced drinks (our personal favourite is the Iced Earl Grey Tea) and baked goods.They pull some read more

  • Bunny Drop

    This great little coffee shop is in a bright blue shipping container in IBOX opposite Niu Wang Miao station. The coffee is great and we enjoyed a waffle and Americano for less than 40RMB. The barrista here really knew his beans and offered us the aeropress brew method, which we read more

  • UID Cafe

    This hidden gem is inside the funky U37 factory district which on the weekends gets flooded with Chengdu’s hippest hipsters. The large loft space is decked out with out with bikes, motorcycles, and sewing machines giving it a very unique feel. The coffee here is roasted in house and is read more

  • Cafe Scandinavia Bar

    Cafe Scandinavia Bar Closed June 2017 Some of the best coffee in town comes from Swedish double act Johan and Mike at the Scandanavian Café, where they specialise in slow drip Swedish coffee. They have a wide range of beans to choose from: Latin, Blue Mountain, Colombian or Brazilian! This read more

  • Do Do’s Café 朵朵家咖啡馆

    This little gem is one of Chengdu’s best kept secrets, Dodo’s cafe is ideal for tucking away with a good book or your laptop, or coming out for an affordable meal; they offer both Western and Chinese food. The staff are exceptionally friendly and used to foreigners given, given their patrons are read more

  • Fang Suo Commune

    Fang Suo Commune The Fang Suo Commune is an all-in-one venue selling not only books but food, drinks, clothes and conceptual housewares and gadgets. With an area of nearly 4,000s q.m, the Fang Suo Commune consists of several functional sections: a book retailing area, boutiques, a café and a reading read more

  • Coffee Life

    Coffee Life 烟袋巷58号锦江文化中心1楼 028-84541677 09:00-22:00 This small, street level coffee shop on the first floor of the Jinjiang Library has a staircase up the back that leads to a large library/café, with plenty of tables and comfortable chairs spread over two main rooms. All the wood veneer makes us feel read more

  • Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu

    Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu is Lan Kwai Fong Group’s first flagship project in Mainland.  Since its opening in 2010, Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu has become an entertainment hotspot in Chengdu and a not-to-be-missed destination for leisure and lifestyle. The project is located in the CDB area of Chengdu and has read more

  • Bingo Bagel

    Bingo Bagel 冰果贝果 Café offering real house-made bagels and other baked goods, decent coffee, Taiwan-style drinks, and other snacks. Free wireless. Located on the north side of Jiuyan Qiao. 31 Hongjixin Rd. 宏济新路31号, 8:30am -10pm, 84597668  

  • Wheat & Baker

    Wheat & Baker 1/F, Raffles City, Ascott Apartments entrance #3, South Sect. 4th, South Renmin Rd. 人民南路四段3号来福士广场塔三, 雅诗阁1楼, 7:30am – 9:45pm, 85599863

  • Page One

    Page One Cheng Du International Finance Centre IFS Shop L510& L511B, IFS, No.1, Section 3.Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, 610021 TEL (+86)28-8658 6510 FAX (+86)28-8658 6810 MAIL [email protected]

  • Johnny 5 Donuts

    Johnny 5 Donuts 强尼5号 CLOSED beginning of June 2017 [changed to Good Good Mexican Grill] Little shop with a very continental selection of various sweet and savoury riffs on the art of puff pastry, but they also serve up an extremely American menu of fresh donuts. Selection varies daily. Pastries read more


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