Bakery & Dessert

Looking for bakeries & desserts in Chengdu? Check out our list of great bakery & dessert places in the city.

  • Zoe Bakery

      Last year saw Zoe Bakery open in the Tongzilin Area. The team here put a focus on using well sourced, sustainable,  organic ingredients where possible. The chef was trained in France and this is reflected in the style of the pasties, the profiteroles were piled high with cream and read more

  • Origins Coffee Company

    Origins Coffee Company  Origins Coffee company is a new cafe in Chengdu’s Tongzilin that is run by two friendly American families. As well as all the usual coffees, they also sell a range of iced drinks (our personal favourite is the Iced Earl Grey Tea) and baked goods.They pull some read more

  • Bunny Drop

    This great little coffee shop is in a bright blue shipping container in IBOX opposite Niu Wang Miao station. The coffee is great and we enjoyed a waffle and Americano for less than 40RMB. The barrista here really knew his beans and offered us the aeropress brew method, which we read more

  • The Sense 醒食官方

    This new venture, by Jeremy Zhang – winner of the 2014 & 2016 China Barista Championship (who knew such a thing existed!) is becoming by far Chengdu’s worst kept secret. The wood clad store opens at eight every morning and is situated between Niu Wang Miao station and Waterfront & read more

  • Bingo Bagel

    Bingo Bagel 冰果贝果 Café offering real house-made bagels and other baked goods, decent coffee, Taiwan-style drinks, and other snacks. Free wireless. Located on the north side of Jiuyan Qiao. 31 Hongjixin Rd. 宏济新路31号, 8:30am -10pm, 84597668  

  • Wheat & Baker

    Wheat & Baker 1/F, Raffles City, Ascott Apartments entrance #3, South Sect. 4th, South Renmin Rd. 人民南路四段3号来福士广场塔三, 雅诗阁1楼, 7:30am – 9:45pm, 85599863

  • Yoghurt Yard Dessert

    Yoghurt Yard Dessert(优格果园) Address: – Shawan Capita Retail Plaza Floor 2- 22, Jinniu District 金牛区二环路北一段10号沙湾凯德广场2楼22号 – Kuanzhai xiangzi, Qingyang District 青羊区宽窄巷子 – Shuangnan, Ito Yokado Floor 5 双楠伊藤洋华堂5楼美食广场门口 – Jianshe Rd, Ito Yokado Floor 5 建设路2号伊藤洋华堂5楼 –  Mengzhuiwan St, No.94, Chenghua District 成华区猛追湾街94号(近电视塔) RMB 30

  • The Sense Dessert

    The Sense Dessert 醒食 Address:  Hongjizhong Rd, No.194, Jinjiang DIstrict, near Niuwangmiao metro station 锦江区宏济中路194号(近地铁2号线,牛王庙地铁站) 028-86655747  RMB 40

  • Xiaosen Dessert

    Xiaosen Dessert 小森茶集  Address:  East 2nd Ring road No.115 MIXC 1st Floor 152A 二环路东三段115号万象城1楼152A(南庭外太平洋咖啡旁) 028- 61532123 RMB 45  Address: Tongzilin North Rd. No.2 Kailaidijing C- 15- C 桐梓林北路2号凯莱帝景C- 15- C号 028-85122237 RMB 50

  • Momoko Dessert

    Momoko Dessert 028-65169392 Address: B1, M052e, Taikoo Li, No.8 Shamao Rd 锦江区纱帽街8号成都远洋太古里M052e负一层(太古里 IFS 红星路口 春熙路地铁站) RMB 50

  • JW Frozen Yoghurt

    JW Frozen Yoghurt   Address: Dayue Rd, Joy City F1- J11 大悦路与太平园中三路交叉口大悦城1楼悦街J11 028-82363616 RMB 30 Address: Silver Plaza F1 left, Jinjiang District 锦江区 银石广场一楼主入口左侧(外墙大屏幕下) 15892461994 RMB 30

  • Johnny 5 Donuts

    Johnny 5 Donuts 强尼5号 Little shop just next to Mike’s Pizza with a very continental selection of various sweet and savoury riffs on the art of puff pastry, but they also serve up an extremely American menu of fresh donuts. Selection varies daily. Pastries 12-24RMB; donuts 10-20RMB, espresso based drinks read more

  • Bread Talk

    Bread Talk 面包新语 Chain store with lots of outlets in Chengdu. 1/F, Auchan, 98 Shuhan Rd. 蜀汉路98号欧尚商业中心内1楼, 8am – 10:30pm, 87574568

  • Baker & Spice

    Baker & Spice 1345, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, 8 Central Shamao St. 纱帽街远洋太古里东里一层1345近翠园, 8am-10pm, 8652 3176

  • Tous Les Jours

    Tous Les Jours is a “French-Asian” bakery serving a selection of bakery goods and beverages made with the highest quality ingredients from South Korea. Several new locations in Chengdu and monthly opening new stores across China. Tous Les Jours 多乐之日 M2a Tai Koo Li, 8 Middle Shamao St. 中纱帽街8号远洋太古里MB1楼M002a  

  • Leanna’s Bakery

    Leanna’s Bakery Chengdu 莲娜西点坊 2-65 South Gaoshengqiao St. (across from the Lhasa Hotel) 高升桥南街4号附65号   Opening Time: 9am – 9pm (closed on Sunday’s) Tel: (028)85582088 Website:  

  • Broad

    Broad is a bakery chain with locations in several Chengdu neighbourhoods, but the branch that recently opened in Yulin is pretty unique, serving fresh European style breads, sandwiches pastas and coffee. Broad 面包路 98 Yulin West Rd. 玉林西路98号, 7:30am-10pm, 87574568  

  • Adina Bakery

    This Chinese bakery has been serving sweet treats since 1963, and is based in Deyang, Sichuan. It has over 80 branches in Chengdu alone. They’ve grown their following through understanding their patrons and offering them competitive prices. Look for the green logo around your local neighborhood. Adina Bakery 爱达乐 East read more


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