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Chengdu Apartments for rent – short term & long term
At Chengdu-Expat we list and provide a selection of apartments catering to both short and long stays in prime and popular areas in Chengdu including Wuhou, Jinjiang and Gaoxin district.
Our collection of Chengdu apartments ranges from single studios to multiple bedroom apartments, and are provided in conjunction with reliable property owners in the city. Great customer service is the cornerstone of our business.
Our apartments cater to different budgets and vary with regards to location and furnishings – although are all very warm, comfortable, and fitted out with modern amenities such as cable TV, air conditioners, fridges, microwaves, cookware, bed linen and towels, washing machines, hot water, internet access etc.
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We sincerely wish all travellers to Chengdu, from tourists to those coming for business or study, a truly pleasant stay in Chengdu.

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