Go Vertical! Rock climbing places in Chengdu

Perhaps the best way to escape the endless sprawls in Chengdu is to go vertical. There are several renowned rock climbing places in Chengdu for you to explore the other dimension. Hereby we selected some fun rock climbing places for you.

Liu ChangZhong Rock climbing venue刘常忠攀岩馆

Address: 85, ZizhuBei Street, Dashijie Plaza E-block 4th and 5th floor (Near Carrefour) 紫竹北街85号大世界商业广场E4-5(近家乐福)

Tel: 028-83167690

Opening Hours: 13: 00-22:00 Mon-Fri, 10:00-22:00 Sat-Sun


Mada Rock climbing Place马达攀岩馆

Joycity Dongting L5大悦路大悦城冬庭L5

 Address: 518, Dayue Road, Wuhou District.

Opening Time: 10:00-22:00 Daily

Liyan Sport Club Rock Climbing Place砾岩体育运动俱乐部攀岩场(新城市广场店)

Address: 1, xidajie New City Plaza, Atrium 市广场中庭(近东方家园广场)

Tel: 028-85454320

Opening time:10:00 – 22:30



Huanle Zhongguo Wang Rock Climbing Base欢乐中国网攀岩基地

Address: 1, East Erxianqiao Road 3rd Section, inside Chengdu University of Technology二仙桥东三路1(成都理工大学内)

Tel: 15982229360

Opening Time: 10:00-20:00 daily

Price: 20RMB Mon-Fri, 25 RMB Sat-Sun.



Jinji Valley Rock Climbing金鸡沟攀岩

Jinji valley, Pingle Tow.平乐古镇金鸡沟景区攀岩区

Tel: 028-88781110




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